Nationalism is a fickle concept, defined so many times in so many way, yet its true potential still escapes us. When one thinks of nationalism, the minds eyes conjures up images of flag waving young men, eager to seek glory in battle (or on the football stadium) for their nation. However, its manifestations are far subtler and much more widespread than what is commonly believed. Continue Reading

Fieldwork Šipkovica: Perceptions and group dynamics Sanja Vojvodić The focus of my presentation will be on a field trip to Shar mountain’s village Šipkovica. I have chosen this trip because I believe it contributed most to the social dynamics between the Belgrade and Berlin group.  Consequently, it influenced how peopleContinue Reading

Die Frage nach der nationalen Zugehörigkeit kann sich auf dem Balkan als schwierig erweisen. Somit war die Frage nach den Sprachkenntnissen weniger „problematisch“ und einfacher zu beantworten. Außerdem ermöglichte sie uns einen besseren Zugang zu den Menschen und führte zu aufschlussreichen Antworten.Continue Reading

The representation of multilingualism in the linguistic landscape of Macedonia Julian Nitzsche, Translation Megan Nagel The research of linguistic landscapes in a multilingual region like Macedonia is an opportunity to find out more about prestige, hierarchies and the relationship of the used languages. The relationship of the two biggest languageContinue Reading

Project Skopje 2014 and Societal Security Sector Dunja Stojanović Societal Security is the term characteristic for academic thought known as Copenhagen School. The term was first introduced by Barry Buzan. That is one of the five security sectors in one society beside political, military, economic and environmental sector. Another theoristContinue Reading

Die NGO Eco Guerilla ist eine Umweltorganisation, die Druck auf die Politik ausübt, mit dem Ziel die Regierung dazu zu bewegen Umweltgesetze einzuhalten. Ihren Ursprung hat die NGO in Tetovo, eine im Nordwesten Mazedoniens gelegene Stadt, nahe der Grenze zum Kosovo. Continue Reading

Šipkovica Šipkovica is a small village near Tetovo, situated at the border with Kosovo.  Here Ali Ahmeti, the current leader of the Albanian political party in Macedonia DUI and commander of the former Macedonian UÇK (“Ushtria Çlirimtare Kombëtare”, or National Liberation Army – NLA), which fought for equal rights forContinue Reading

Centar Župa Centar Župa is a village situated near the city of Debar and populated mainly by Turks. According to the 2002 census, 80 percent of the 6299 inhabitants of the municipality are reported as Turks. In the 1960s much of the population left the villages to work in otherContinue Reading

The Arabati Baba Teke of Tetovo was completed in the 18th century by the dervish Rexhep Pasha, it has been the centre for the Bektashi community in the Balkan peninsula – serving as mother house for many others tekkes in Macedonia and Kosovo – until 1912, when the Ottomans were driven out of Macedonia.Continue Reading