Centar Župa Centar Župa is a village situated near the city of Debar and populated mainly by Turks. According to the 2002 census, 80 percent of the 6299 inhabitants of the municipality are reported as Turks. In the 1960s much of the population left the villages to work in otherWeiterlesen

The Arabati Baba Teke of Tetovo was completed in the 18th century by the dervish Rexhep Pasha, it has been the centre for the Bektashi community in the Balkan peninsula – serving as mother house for many others tekkes in Macedonia and Kosovo – until 1912, when the Ottomans were driven out of Macedonia.Weiterlesen

Demarcations and crossings of borders in and with South Eastern Europe The field trip „Demarcations and crossings of borders in and with South Eastern Europe“ lead a group of Serbian and German students to disparate settings of Turkish, Albanian and Slavic-speaking Muslims in Macedonia and Albania, and will introduce usWeiterlesen