Welcome to Humboldt Balkan Cosmos!

This space in the web is created by the Department for South Slavic Studies of Humboldt-University. It wants to show you the multi-faceted Balkans, its beautiful places, thrilling questions and unexpected angles.

The name Humboldt Balkan Cosmos is a homage to the famous Cosmos lectures of Alexander von Humboldt. Just like him, we think that everything in somehow connected. And we want you to see these connections.

Have a look at our projects, stories, images, videos or collaborators.

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Our projects

We organize a new project every year. Their results can be seen here on the website. In the last years these have been the following:

Making and Breaking Borders

An excursion to Muslim minorities in Northern Macedonia and Albania, followed by presentations in Belgrade and Berlin.

Read the stories from this project here or check the places here.

Inclusion and exclusion of Muslims and Jews

Two conferences in Podgorica and Sarajevo with associated field research on the social inclusion or exclusion of Muslims in Montenegro and Jews in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Read the stories from this project here or check the places here.

Multiperspectivity: The Sandžak

An international field trip to the Montenegrin and Serbian side of the region Sandžak.

Read the stories from this project here or check the places here.

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Our stories

In every project we work on small research projects with students, doctoral students and scientists. The results of this work can be found here on the website (Stories). We also create exhibitions that are shown in Berlin or at our partner universities.

The research projects are always interdisciplinary. We have collaborated with colleagues and students from linguistics, history, political science and anthropology.

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Our partners

We work together with many partners in order to get as diverse a picture of the Balkans as possible (partners).

This includes representatives of religious communities, minority representatives, employees of international organisations and local administrations as well as employees of NGOs, politicians and activists.

But most of all we talk to ordinary people about how they see their life, their history, their identity and their language.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, we try to visually capture our work and the people and areas we explore.

Here on the website you have the opportunity to get some impressions in the form of pictures or videos.